Ravens Extend Ray Lewis’ Legend, If Only For One More Night

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos took a knee with a little over 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter just after the Baltimore Ravens scored a clutch touchdown through the air. The momentum had obviously shifted in the Ravens’ favor, yet the Broncos could not capitalize off of the growing fatigue of one of the oldest defensive lines in Read More Here→

Lebron, Miami Heat Are Treading Water, Until the 2013 NBA Playoffs

Expected Miami Heat to finally cross that threshold of breaking the Chicago Bulls’ old school record of games won in a single season? Hate to disappoint any hardcore Miami fans out there, but it was never going to happen. A team put together such as this one that does not righteously address every necessity of a basketball franchise is not Read More Here→

Nolan Carroll and Dolphins’ Secondary Need an Overhaul This Offseason

Nolan Carroll knows that something needs to change in the Miami Dolphins’ lockerroom. Although things are looking up for the franchise in the middle of a rebuild, there is no question that Miami’s secondary needs a tune-up. Fresh faces will do just the trick in jolting some type of turnaround in that aspect of the franchise, but who are some Read More Here→

Dwyane Wade: The Groin Shot Heard ‘Round the World

Dwayne Wade is being called out for his antics against Charlotte Bobcats’ Ramon Sessions. Antics should be interpreted as flailing his leg and making contact with the groin of another basketball player – mistakes usually made in the NFL. It’s comforting to know that the suspension for the “antic” came at a purely uneventful fraction of the season. No one Read More Here→

Cameron Wake, Dolphins Know Almost Doesn’t Count in NFL

Cameron Wake, Miami Dolphins’ defensive guru, knows that almost is never good enough to the Football Gods. Almost getting in the end zone doesn’t put six points on the scoreboard and swinging a kick just an inch outside of the uprights does not earn a franchise three points for an overtime victory. Almost getting it done just doesn’t get it Read More Here→

2013 NFL Pro Bowl: Do the Miami Dolphins Deserve to Be in On the Joke?

NFL Pro Bowls have become a set of random acts put together as a generic display of what Americans like to call football. Throughout the season both offenses and defenses put together remarkable representations of the American-based sport only to shuffle into a massive showing of…nothing. It is almost the punishment for those who did not make it to the biggest Read More Here→
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