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Dolphins Get Pounded and Bush Gets Disrespectful

It got ugly Sunday afternoon against the Tennessee Titans. When the term ugly is used in this sense it means that the Miami Dolphins were pounded beyond repair. The Titans are known this season for being a bit prone is dropping the ball, both literally and figuratively. However, it was Sunday’s rout against the Fins that may have put them Read More Here→

Miami Dolphins’ Defense Fail Them as Andrew Luck Has Record-Setting Game

Andrew Luck’s 433 passing yards were entirely in the Miami Dolphins’ control as was the victory that halted their three-game winning streak. The bigger story of the day became how Indy won and what affect it had on their lockerroom. What was lost in the shuffle is what it all means for the opposing lockerroom. That’s what this website is for. To Read More Here→

Jets, Dolphins Headed in Different Directions After 30-9 Rout

To say the New York Jets have bottomed out is probably an understatement. The football team that recruited the face of spiritual foundation in the National Football League (Tim Tebow) has seemingly been forsaken by the Football Gods. Things were not exactly all balloons and butterflies for the Dolphins, but they fared much better with their backup quarterback, Matt Moore, Read More Here→

Dwayne Bowe, Reggie Bush and Miami Dolphins’ Quest for AFC East Crown

Every NFL franchise in the AFC East is locked in a tie for first place with a 3-3 record going into Week 7 of the 2012 season. The Miami Dolphins are on the longest streak in the division with two consecutive wins over the Cincinnati Bengals and the St. Louis Rams in the past two weeks. A bye in Week Read More Here→

Dolphins’ LB Koa Misi Got Angry And It Left Him $42K Poorer

Miami Dolphins LB Koa Misi got angry and it cost him $42,000 and big red x on his forehead in the legal system. The Washington Post reports that Misi pled no contest to a felony battery charge after allegedly punching a Santa Barbara County resident in the face after breaking down the 19-year old’s door. His name is Casey Scott Read More Here→

Tannehill, Dolphins: AFC Underdogs Who Deserve More Respect

Is Ryan Tannehill as relevant as Michael Vick? Are the Miami Dolphins on the cusp of breaking through in media perception like the overrated Philadelphia Eagles? To be overrated a team has to be recognized and the Dolphins just are not that prevalent on anyone’s radar right now. Even though the Dolphins are not that notable of a franchise, they stick Read More Here→
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