Miami Heat Players

Miami Heat Players

Roll Call: Joel Anthony

Joel Anthony weighs in at 245 lbs. and stands 6'9". The 31 year old player from Montreal has been in the NBA for 5 years and has started 107 times. He attended the University of Nevada, and on the university's basketball team. he was an exceptional defensive player. In 2007 he was drafted by the Miami Heat Read More Here→

Roll Call: Chris Andersen

Chris "Birdman" Andersen weighs in at 6'10" and 245 pounds. Some of that weight might be in tattoos. This 12 year NBA veteran has had his share of ups and downs, including alleged criminal behavior with a minor, and an internet hoax which resulted in Andersen's home being raided last year. Last season he came on with the Heat Read More Here→

Roll Call: Ray Allen

Ray Allen started his career in 1996 playing for the Milwaukee Bucks.  After playing for the Supersonics and the Celtics, he came to the Miami Heat in 2012.  At 38 years old, Allen is sometimes referred to as ageless.  The 6'5", 205 lb. guard has made 1,140 starts in his career, and played in 1,148 games.  He is among the Read More Here→

Dwyane Wade: The Groin Shot Heard ‘Round the World

Dwayne Wade is being called out for his antics against Charlotte Bobcats’ Ramon Sessions. Antics should be interpreted as flailing his leg and making contact with the groin of another basketball player – mistakes usually made in the NFL. It’s comforting to know that the suspension for the “antic” came at a purely uneventful fraction of the season. No one Read More Here→

Shane Battier May Miss Brooklyn, San Antonio Games

Shane Battier may be on the bench for the Miami Heat for their next two games with a sprained right knee and LeBron James is getting ready to move to the power forward position in a defensive state of mind. If heaven has a basketball court, you can bet every hair on your head that it has LeBron highlighting the power Read More Here→

LeBron James Has the Flu While Miami Tastes Victory

Flu-like symptoms often give the impression that a player is experiencing some type of otherworldly metamorphosis that allows them to be sick on the bench and god-like on the hardwood. The flu-like symptoms that forced LeBron James to not participate in the morning shootaround, which rarely happens, made him look even more legendary against the Phoenix Suns even though he Read More Here→
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