NFL Pro Bowls have become a set of random acts put together as a generic display of what Americans like to call football. Throughout the season both offenses and defenses put together remarkable representations of the American-based sport only to shuffle into a massive showing of…nothing.

It is almost the punishment for those who did not make it to the biggest stage in football – the Super Bowl. For those lucky men, they are allowed the luxury to have no part in what is now concerned a joke to professional football audiences around the country. Still, there are those players that long to be on the inside looking out at the jeers, not in the crowd looking in.

The Pro Bowl still, kind of sort of, has some significance to the players who earn a berth, or multiple. The Miami Dolphins are no Super Bowl caliber-franchise therefore there is no shortage of men who would love to take a nose dive into the game and the surrounding activities.

Is there anyone good enough in a Miami Dolphins’ uniform to make the Pro Bowl?

Without comparison to the stars around the league, a Miami fan could easily say yes. Brian Hartline, the Fins leading receiver, has 925 receiving yards on the season. That sounds pretty good until you put his numbers up against the Detroit Lions’ receiver, Calvin Johnson. Johnson has 1,546 receiving yards and five touchdowns this season with three games left on the schedule.

What about Reggie Bush by the numbers? This was supposed to be his breakout year after his, well break out year in 2011. Bush jumped into Miami’s lineup with a chip on his shoulder and a less than impressive offense counting on him to live up to his potential. This season has not been what it was predicted to be for the beleaguered running back.

The former Saint has 791 rushing yards and will not likely crack the 1,086 career-high mark he set last season. Five touchdowns is not going to cut it, as far as shooting for a Pro Bowl spot, when there are backs in the league like Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice. Peterson has 1,600 rushing yards to Rice’s 993 rushing yards and has 19 touchdowns between them.

The quarterback does not have to be explained. While Ryan Tannehill may have been slightly impressive throughout the season as a rookie, no one ranks him in relationship to his experience. Every in the league is a professional, rookie or not, and compared to all of the other quarterbacks he does not measure up.

The AFC includes quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger. Tannehill has some time to grow before he is put into the conversation with any of those field generals. With the Dolphins offensive line not sizing up to that of the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Giants, the defense may find themselves adequately represented.

Cameron Wake is the man that could do it.

This season has been one of his most impressive. Miami is still in its rebuilding phase making his burst and excitement a breath of fresh air for the franchise’s fans. Wake plays with the same intensity every snap and lives to get to the opposition’s quarterback, no matter who the offensive linemen are.

Wake’s combination of agility, balance and technique have truly been showcased this season and there is no one who could say that he does not at least deserve a nod when it comes to the Pro Bowl selection. According to Pro Football Focus, Wake leads the league with 45 quarterback pressures.

Everyone knows he is coming, but no one can stop him. That’s how talented he is and how naturally quick he has shown himself to be.

If anyone, it’s Wake that warrants a Pro Bowl nod. Everyone else can just sit outside the box with the crowd.

Only Wake has earned the right to be a part of the joke.Watch Miami Heat Live Stream Free Online Game Streaming

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