The Miami Dolphins were disrespected by the New England Patriots. Not just in the obvious way that they are mere fractions of what the Pats are and everyone with the exception of their denial understands that.

New England is not a team that flourishes heavily off of the run game. It may be a utilized weapon, but when a franchise has Tom Brady at the helm of their offense, the air trumps everything else. Beating the Dolphins may not have been as easy as predicted coming into the game for the Pats, however, it was mild enough for them to run the same run play through and through with success.

Yet, what worked for New England was simply disrespectful to the ‘Fins – at least if you ask DT Randy Starks or backup Tony McDaniel as reported by

“It really (ticked) me off,” backup defensive tackle Tony McDaniel said, according to The Palm Beach Post. “It was disrespectful to us to run the same play over and over and be successful.

“Normally when somebody’s driving down the field, you just think, ‘Well, they just had a good run there,’ but you run the same play over and over, as a competitor, that (ticks) me off.”

Randy Starks felt similarly.

“It is disrespectful,” defensive tackle Randy Starks agreed, “but you’ve got to stop it. We never stopped it, so I’d keep running the same play, too.”

It should tick someone in Miami’s defense off, but saying that the Patriots were “disrespectful” is improper verbiage. What should have ticked McDaniel off more is that the defense should not have allowed it. Spitting in another man’s face is disrespectful. Kicking another football player in the groin is disrespectful. Using a play repeatedly to avail is just crafty gamesmanship.

Why fix something that is not broken?

The defense should have cared more about how much the Patriots force-fed them runs, identical runs, successfully. What about Miami’s offense? The Dolphins only had 277 yards of total offense and there were plenty of mistakes that led to 17 of New England’s points.

It was not disrespectful that the Patriots ran the same play against them. It was obvious and pitiful that they could not stop it and that’s not New England’s problem to worry about.Watch Miami Heat Live Stream Free Online Game Streaming

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