It got ugly Sunday afternoon against the Tennessee Titans. When the term ugly is used in this sense it means that the Miami Dolphins were pounded beyond repair. The Titans are known this season for being a bit prone is dropping the ball, both literally and figuratively. However, it was Sunday’s rout against the Fins that may have put them back on the right path. As far as what it has done to Miami’s confidence, the answer is not so clear.

The Dolphins were mangled to say the least. It seemed like moments after we were all praising Ryan Tannehill for his amazing-ness, he and the Dolphins proved why they simply can’t pass the maturity test – yet. It is a far ways off before anyone is going to be looking at Miami with a Super Bowl microscope but do not jump off of the bandwagon after the first road block. This is still the rebuilding period, which has been lost in how successful they have been able to be thus far.

Don’t forget that the Fins were coming into this season as perceptually the second-worst franchise in the league behind the Indianapolis Colts. Even though both franchises were led by seemingly stable rookie quarterbacks both organizations had gained the least belief from around the league and from fans nationwide. The Colts are moving in a more defined direction than the Fins so the team rarely deals with the menacing backlash of such a piercing defeat. The Dolphins, on the other hand, are in a more uncomfortable place.

Their success has been their kryptonite as far as public opinion is concerned and the benching of Reggie Bush does nothing but add to that element. Set aside for a moment that he thoroughly disrespected “Buffalo women.” It was the fact that he was benched that tells the greater tale. Bush is the most notable player for Miami and when their most vital offensive asset is pulled, it speaks volumes. Or it could just mean that they were taking a whooping and there was no need risking injury.

In either event, the damage has been done from Sunday’s bashing at the hands of the Titans and how Miami responds to it should reflect their worth far greater than the game itself. Why? It doesn’t matter anymore. It’s in the past.Watch Miami Heat Live Stream Free Online Game Streaming

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