Miami Dolphins LB Koa Misi got angry and it cost him $42,000 and big red x on his forehead in the legal system. The Washington Post reports that Misi pled no contest to a felony battery charge after allegedly punching a Santa Barbara County resident in the face after breaking down the 19-year old’s door.

His name is Casey Scott Fisher and he’s $42,000 richer. Apparently, things were being said that Misi felt was out of line. The way he decided to handle it may not have been politically correct. Still, there isn’t a human being over the age of six months that can say there wasn’t a moment where they wanted to obliterate someone whose mouth were writing a check that they physically couldn’t cash.

At 251 pounds you have to learn how to sling your weight around a little more legally, but no one knows what that 19-year old might have been saying. Words may not break someone’s bones yet they can pierce the nerve that makes a person lose all morality and good conscience. Misi may take a few seconds to step away from this experience to recognize what he could have done better, if anything at all.

It was originally categorized as a drunken fight in which Misi was charged with residential burglary, a charge brought about when anyone enters a home unlawfully and commits any type of crime. The dissuading a witness charge that was tacked onto Misi’s person is likely a result of the Fins player snatching a woman’s phone and slamming it to the ground as she was notifying the police right after the incident.

Misi will move on from these legalities and continue his progression in Miami’s defense. His 26 solo tackles and 3 forced fumbles on the season are necessary to continue moving the Dolphins in the right direction and there is no dishonor in rooting for him on the field. Misi lost control, but don’t label him a bad guy or a player worth your shame.Watch Miami Heat Live Stream Free Online Game Streaming

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