To say the New York Jets have bottomed out is probably an understatement. The football team that recruited the face of spiritual foundation in the National Football League (Tim Tebow) has seemingly been forsaken by the Football Gods. Things were not exactly all balloons and butterflies for the Dolphins, but they fared much better with their backup quarterback, Matt Moore, than the Jets did with their temporary starter, Mark Sanchez.

Things may not be looking too well for the Jets, but Miami sure got a heck of a lot brighter after all the trash-talking that ensued earlier in the week. Reggie Bush and the Dolphins had no problem putting this short-lived feud to bed.

The Jets were never really in it, so to speak, and even with Ryan Tannehill being bit by the injury bug were not able to retrieve some form of rhythm throughout the contest. Maybe it was supposed to happen like this. Plenty of Miami fan had forgotten exactly how good of a quarterback Matt Moore could really be.

Of course he is not the face of the future. At the age of 28, with the exception of Brandon Weeden, if a quarterback has not hit his prime he is on his way to the bench. Luckily the Dolphins had Moore’s talents on reserve because Tannehill was injured on the second possession of the game and without him things could have fallen off the wagon incredibly quickly.

Moore has proven how well he could manage a game in the 2011 NFL season and thankfully that seemed to slip the world’s mind, including the Jets.

There is no immediate word on how serious Tannehill’s injury truly is, but at least Dolphins’ players will not have to worry about their season tanking on account of being cut off at knees. Moore can hold them up.

His 131 passing yards and single touchdown may not have impressed people more than Peyton Manning’s clinic against the New Orleans Saints or Cam Newton’s fruitless 314 passing yards. However, he kept the game in check long enough for Miami to pull out a 30-9 victory at MetLife Stadium. The Jets and the Dolphins are moving in an entirely different direction now.

The Jets sit at the bottom of the division with a 3-5 record and Miami is a single loss behind the New England Patriots on a three-game winning streak.

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