Andrew Luck’s 433 passing yards were entirely in the Miami Dolphins’ control as was the victory that halted their three-game winning streak. The bigger story of the day became how Indy won and what affect it had on their lockerroom.

What was lost in the shuffle is what it all means for the opposing lockerroom.

That’s what this website is for. To bring you back full-circle to the Miami Dolphins and what it all means for the home team.

Miami has been convincing throughout the season with its rookie quarterback stepping up to the line of scrimmage without an ounce of confidence missing from his swagger. Today it was about which player made bigger plays and Luck won that battle without the shadow of a doubt.

However, it should be made clear that it was not the offense that lost this game. A few more points could have helped, four to be exact. Still, it was the notable defense that dropped the ball and left gaping holes for the Colts’ offense to make magic.

Magic was made and the defense has to account for that.

The amount of play extension Luck was able to display is probably the most troubling defensive aspect of the game. The Dolphins came into the game as the best team defense in the league only allowing third down conversions 26.4% of the time. That statistic will definitely be altered after Miami 13 conversions on nine attempts to the Colts, six of which came on third downs of 10 yards or longer.

Not sure what part of the game plan this was, but it certainly had an obvious effect on the Colts’ offense as the first down gave Luck more time to set a record for single-game passing yardage for a rookie quarterback.

Luck was rarely ever in the hot seat against a defense that is sixth in the league with 22 sacks on the season. Against the Colts, the Dolphins calculated only a single sack. Neither of these aspects was conducive to the Dolphins’ success or is reminiscent of a defense that fans have become comfortable with watching.

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