Not sure who put wings on the Miami Dolphins’ running game but they were in full effect on Sunday afternoon against the Seattle Seahawks. The three-game slide that was hanging over their heads came to an end when the Fins pulled out a close-game win against Russell Wilson and Seattle.

Besides the sprinklers that soaked both team’s players in the third quarter Miami had one other mistake (turnover) in the game. Otherwise, it was an outing in which the Fins seem to have gotten their legs beneath them again.

Both teams went scoreless in the first quarter. It was the second quarter in which Reggie Bush’s 21-yard touchdown run seemed to spark life back into a team that was responsible for 9 turnovers in the last three games.

Bush, specifically, needed a bounce back from the 20 yards on 10 carries game he had just the week before. The running back has been known to perform beneath his assumed level of talent but it was embarrassing.

What is unsaid about his performance in that game is that while his average make may make you assume that he carried 2.0 per attempt, he had a long run of 11 yards. That leaves nine yards on nine carries. It makes things a little more concerning when taking into account that the Buffalo Bills are 31st in the league in defending the rush.

However, no need to throw stones at a casket. The game is long gone and the Dolphins are celebrating a win that just may have kept them in playoff contention. A few seasons ago it would have been unthinkable that a team sitting at 5-6 still has a chance at the postseason, but this NFL season has had so many twists in turns and the AFC East is always an open division.

No one expects the Dolphins to win a Super Bowl or even come close to entry. Still, emerging in the playoffs would give them a nice boost in the coming seasons for team morale and for Joe Philbin to tout moving forward.

Making the playoffs would remove most doubt in his direction and his vision for this franchise which was questioned before the season even started with the removal of key veteran players.

The Dolphins have not made it but they are on their way to recovery and this season is bringing on a set of growing pains that will only make them stronger next time around.Watch Miami Heat Live Stream Free Online Game Streaming

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