Nolan Carroll knows that something needs to change in the Miami Dolphins’ lockerroom. Although things are looking up for the franchise in the middle of a rebuild, there is no question that Miami’s secondary needs a tune-up. Fresh faces will do just the trick in jolting some type of turnaround in that aspect of the franchise, but who are some key names that the Dolphins need to look for in free agency to make that happen? Obviously, there needs to be some vital breakdowns of character and health going into this year’s free agency before the Dolphins experience a dud as they did last offseason with names like Artis Hicks and Chad Johnson. Here are a couple of guys that could help Coach Joe Philbin keep his job at least a season longer.

Quentin Jammer – There is no telling what is going to happen in San Diego. The Chargers are so far off of the radar that it is going to take some drastic revisions to get them back on track. Jammer is an aging cover corner that may find himself on the outside of their restructuring and the Dolphins should take advantage of the underrated corner before he spends his last seasons in the league capitalizing for another organization. Jammer is not going to change the secondary all on his own. However he will add another solid dimension to a defensive backfield that struggled this past season with one of the lowest takeaway totals in franchise history.

Aqib Talib – In a perfect world, Talib would come into the offseason with a renewed dedication to the game and honest promises that things will be particularly different than they have been previously. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are under a new regime and may not be tolerant of his off the field antics. The Dolphins, though they experienced such a crash-and-burn with Chad Johnson last offseason, may be looking to hear him out. Talib’s talent, unlike Johnson’s, is not dwindling. He is not coming off of a season where he saw his production diminish profusely. The only question mark surrounding this defensive back is his ability to profess himself to the game and leave all of the drama in his past.Watch Miami Heat Live Stream Free Online Game Streaming

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