There are no better blues than the Mo’ Better Blues the Miami Dolphins’ lockerroom is singing right now. To be pummeled by the Tennessee Titans one week and then to have the Buffalo Bills prove a point just after Reggie Bush disrespected an entire community of women was a bit much in a seven-day span. Some would say the latter was brought on the franchise by idiocy but the former was just the rebuild taking on its ugly form.

The Dolphins are experiencing a slump that can either break their confidence in Coach Joe Philbin’s vision and discretion or it will create a bond that will stretch well into their future. It would be ideal if it could form that type of brotherhood, but all too often in the NFL fans see teams cave under the pressure of the troubling ratio of expectations to reality.

The Dolphins need to begin to get back to their basic principles and not become too big for their britches. Ryan Tannehill does not have the flashiest wide receivers to throw to (thanks to Ochocinco’s offseason temper tantrums) but he still has some pretty reliable veterans to rely on. Brian Hartline is not breaking down doors and setting records week in and out but he and Tannehill have become an interesting tandem worth paying attention to as the rookie becomes more acclimated to the game.

Benching Reggie Bush is apparently not working because 10 carries for 20 yards is not liberating enough after being benched for a nice chunk of the battle against the Titans. We all know that Bush can be a little incognito throughout a game, but averaging more than 2.0 yards per carry against a defense like the Bills is expected of an “elite” running back. Then again, how elite is Bush truly?

Coach Philbin needs to focus on creating balance in Miami’s offense. However, it has grown clear that he can rely more on a rookie than the talents of Bush carrying them through the rest of the season without tomatoes being hurled at them from the home crowd. Bush is not the future of this organization. It was fun to think that he could be a fraction more relevant and reliable than he was for the New Orleans Saints, but he is turning into the same ego-ridden back he was in front of Who Dat nation.

Coach Philbin has the intriguing job of not only changing the perception of a franchise after they have spiraled into a black hole but also repair the image of a few key individual players that might be around for a long time. Or he could be evaluating which will not be a part of the blueprint for the next five seasons or so.

Needless to say, there are far more blemishes in the franchise than we’ve covered in the previous several paragraphs, but offense is where it starts. If you can’t score, you can’t win and lately the Dolphins have been allergic to the end zone. Leaning on Tannehill a little bit more may create a bit of a stir in the lockerroom which can be cured by winning. Emotions only began to stir when L’s are coming in.

Philbin has some restructuring and refocusing to do offensively and it may start with cutting some deadweight. A few games are not going to decide that however. Continuing to evaluate the Fins will allow some more accurate foreshadowing but for now, it appears that neither Philbin nor Bush have too much job security.Watch Miami Heat Live Stream Free Online Game Streaming

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