No one should be surprised by the tweet from FOX Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer that David Garrard texted him notice of his release today from the Dolphins’ franchise.

Garrard’s days in Miami were numbered from the moment news of his surgery began swirling. Up until this point, it was everything but evident that the Dolphins were going to retain faith in their veteran backup. But, they lost trust in him. Not trust in his ability to produce, but trust in the capabilities of his body on the field.

The quarterback position is far too influential to be a liability and with Garrard’s latest injury, Miami couldn’t take that risk in the eye of a shifting culture.

Just as the Jacksonville Jaguars did, on slightly difference circumstances, the Fins have released a proven product in order to free up space in the quarterback race for significantly inexperienced players. With the exception of Matt Moore, Ryan Tannehill and Pat Devlin are question marks at the position.

If deep into the season the seat becomes too hot, Moore will find himself cleaning up yet another mess that the organization has reveled in with the continuous carousel of quarterbacks. The move also signals another message to Dolphins’ veterans: One miscue, whether by your bad judgment or by injury, you are out the door.

There is a youth movement in town that is taking not prisoners. The Dolphins did not make a completely asinine decision in releasing Garrard because keeping him on injury reserve as a third-string quarterback was unnecessary. Tannehill and Moore were already delegated the starting and backup ranks at the position and keeping Garrard on board would have been useless.

However, this begs the questions as to whether or not the Dolphins were planning on keeping Garrard around for too much longer anyway. It was nice to hear about a training camp QB battle that was highlighted in the first episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks series, but as the race began to lean more towards Tannehill’s development, Garrard as a backup became less and less of an option.

Moore has proven that he can manage a game in backup situations and having already gained the team’s trust trumped Garrard’s potential as a veteran and developed commodity.

Looking forward to the future, the Dolphins did make some ripples on the waiver wire and added eight players to the practice squad.


Waiver-Acquired Players

Anthony Armstrong, WR

Troy Nolan, S

R.J. Stanford, CB

Sammy Brown, LB


Practice Squad Additions

Chandler Burden, OT

Andrew McDonald, OT

Jonathan Freeney, LB

Josh Kaddu, LB

Chris Hogan, WR

Jeff Fuller, WR

DeAndre Presley, CB

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