Are the Miami Dolphins going to the Super Bowl?

Probably not.

Do they suck as much as fans predicted they would?

Not at all.

As a matter of fact, they don’t suck so much that they beat Carson Palmer’s Oakland Raiders by 22 PTS on Sunday. The Ryan Tannehill who threw three interceptions in his debut as a starting quarterback in the professional league had zero turnovers.

That is the rookie that the coaching staff is willing to bet their careers on.

The week before, it looked like coach Joe Philbin would be staking his head coaching career on a player that was tossed into the lion’s den far too soon. Now, Tannehill looks like he is ready to lead this team down a path of redemption, even if not immediately.

The difference in Week 2’s game was one key component to what needs to happen throughout the 2012 season. Reggie Bush’s explosion is vital to whatever strides the Dolphins make offensively and his 172-rushing yards and two touchdowns were an incredible step up from the mediocre 69-rushing performance in the season opener against the Houston Texans.

There were zero turnovers from Bush in this meeting as well, which contributed to how successful Tannehill looked by the numbers. Fantasy projections aside, Bush is becoming the player that fans expected him to be after the legendary Texas-USC meeting between him and Vince Young that ultimately led to his Heisman trophy.

Bush is finally settling into his reputation and is becoming a demonstrative piece in Miami’s dream to return to contention. Rookie RB Lamar Miller also established himself against the Oakland Raiders’ defense. Although it was in the light of a reserve, if Bush goes down with an injury the rushing game will not completely abandoned.

The surprise?

Brian Hartline shocked everyone.

Coming into the season, he wasn’t really boosted as one of the team’s top receivers even though he was one of the team’s best pass-catchers in the past three seasons. The beautiful part about Hartline is that he immediately bounced back from his left calf injury with a vengeance.

In Tannehill’s rookie season, he needs someone that he can depend on, a favorite target so to speak. Hartline is developing an on-field relationship with his quarterback that is going to continue to develop throughout the season and only mature with time as Tannehill gets more comfortable in the NFL atmosphere.

There were doubts that without Chad Johnson on the roster Philbin would be able to forge a strong QB-receiver bond between Tannehill and a lesser-known WR. Hartline has made himself comfortable in that position. In Week 3 against the New York Jets, with Darrelle Revis listed as questionable, expect him to make those same ripples.

The offense performing well does mounds for the defense because without granting the opposition takeaways it relinquishes the favor of a short field for the opposing offense.

In the second game of the season for the Fins, the Raiders’ defense was not able to create a lot of turnovers for their offense, therefore Palmer and Co. always had to stretch almost the entire field for a score.

The Dolphins’ season may not be a complete bust as was predicted in the preseason, but do not roll out the red carpet yet. The secondary still needs to improve averaging 313.5 yards per game.

Tannehill has some tougher meetings to endure in the latter half of the season. Still, this game provides some room for him to grow. Miami is not going to be a complete bust this season. Breathe easy.Watch Miami Heat Live Stream Free Online Game Streaming

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