Ryan Tannehill is the future of the Miami Dolphins’ franchise and if he expects that to continue to be endorsed by the organization he needs to wake up and recognize that his is not the preseason anymore.

Of course the Fins were predicted to struggle this season after dropping two very key components to their offense (Chad Johnson and David Garrard) and releasing some veterans that would have been vital to any type of winning season-push in 2012. The Dolphins were not even really supposed to be on the radar had it not been for the free publicity from HBO’s Hard Knocks Series featuring the franchise’s release of Chad Johnson.

Up until then, things were not all that interesting within Miami’s camp. In a season where the rookie quarterbacks are being judged against outings like Washington QB Robert Griffin III, however, things are seen in a completely different light.

Is Tannehill truly the future of the NFL or just another bandage for Miami’s quarterback problems?

Tannehill deserves the benefit of the doubt in his first NFL game. Not everyone can have a 422-yard outing or achieve a victory on a 320-passing yards performance and zero interceptions thrown on his very first NFL start. The professional league moves much faster than college football and the defenders are out for the quarterback’s head, more or less.

Tannehill is coming into a situation where the cards are stacked against him and he does not have any solid threats, with the exception of former Carolina WR Legedu Naanee, who was only targeted twice in the season opener against the Houston Texans.

Having a more reliable, injury-free David Garrard would have allowed Tannehill some much needed time to develop but he has been thrown to the wolves prematurely and he may experience these types of misfortunes throughout the entire season. Tannehill could have had better pass protection but the backlash always falls onto the head of the signal caller and in this case, Tannehill failed tremendously.

The good thing is that there was another QB in the freshman starters’ league that looked bad as well – Andrew Luck. The Indianapolis Colts’ starting quarterback did not have much of an impressive rookie start against the Chicago Bears so it gives Tannehill a gap of leeway going into Week 2 when the Dolphins meet the Oakland Raiders.

Tannehill still has time to improve, but he needs to quickly expose his ability to win games in the air before any defense in the league has to prepare for him instead of simply get ready to roll him over.Watch Miami Heat Live Stream Free Online Game Streaming

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