Is Ryan Tannehill as relevant as Michael Vick? Are the Miami Dolphins on the cusp of breaking through in media perception like the overrated Philadelphia Eagles?

To be overrated a team has to be recognized and the Dolphins just are not that prevalent on anyone’s radar right now. Even though the Dolphins are not that notable of a franchise, they stick neck and neck with the Eagles at 3-3 after their game against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

The Dolphins aren’t supposed to be the men that everyone cheers for or expects to be the underdog in the paramount game like the AFC Championship or the Super Bowl. Tannehill as a potential Super Bowl MVP? Not just not now, but not ever.

Reggie Bush playing in his second Super Bowl performance? No one is thinking about him being the integral part of any franchise of that stature ever again.

The Dolphins are collectively inadequate in the eye of the media and fans who are tired of watching their hopes been burned into ashes of what choices should have been made or what players should have been signed. Their quarterback carousel is enough to keep the most optimistically aligned men and women in a state of constant gloom.

Still, what is happening in Miami cannot be lost. It wasn’t a pretty game that the Dolphins won against Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams, but a win is a win in football. No matter how unimpressive it may have seemed, the playoffs are not determined by how eloquent a win was or how potent a victory seemed. It isn’t a conscious analysis of the blowouts and the close calls.

Miami walked into a game with a similarly overlooked franchise and did what they were supposed to do when the clock wound down. The Dolphins won.

Tannehill had zero turnovers yesterday afternoon against the Rams but the Dolphins were outrushed by 162-19 yards. To say the least, the ground-and-pound game was lopsided in St. Louis’ favor. Tell that to Tannehill, because he was responsible for the only two touchdowns the Dolphins can claim.

The other three points can be tossed on the shoulders of Miami kicker Dan Carpenter. The Dolphins’ WR standout Brian Hartline was held without a catch in Sunday’s game. See? Nothing about this game was according to plan or graceful to watch.

It was all over the place with Miami’s offensive line barely being able to block the Rams’ defensive line without notching penalties and the referees’ unwillingness to rule any reviews on the field in their favor. The game was the definition of ugly. However, as uninviting as the play-by-play may prove to be the Dolphins still won and jump to a 3-3 record and there is no indication that they have stopped believing in how much they have grown up until this point.

No one should be ignorant of their progress. Avoiding the Dolphins’ development means possibly being blindsided by where they will land when the season ends. Everyone loves and underdog, but no one likes to be taken by surprise. Miami is sneaking up on the league and their steps are becoming quieter by the game.Watch Miami Heat Live Stream Free Online Game Streaming

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