Dwayne Wade is being called out for his antics against Charlotte Bobcats’ Ramon Sessions. Antics should be interpreted as flailing his leg and making contact with the groin of another basketball player – mistakes usually made in the NFL. It’s comforting to know that the suspension for the “antic” came at a purely uneventful fraction of the season. No one is going to care in March or April that Wade missed a game in December against a non-playoff contender (Detroit Pistons). It’s a competition that does not matter, much like the battle against the Bobcats.

If a fan takes a look at the video, they may find themselves in an awkward place, all depending on their general feelings towards the Miami Heat or Dwyane Wade individually.

If a fan despises the franchise, then the choice is easy. It becomes obvious, blurred by the sheer disdain for the jersey, that Wade purposely kicked Sessions in the groin and should be suspended AND fined. As a Miami fan, the Miami Heat superstar should be given the benefit of the doubt. Without much history in flagrant fouls and simply bad demeanor on the court, Wade is a stand-up guy. Cut him a break! Yet, standing in the middle is where the decision becomes a little fuzzier.

On one hand, there is no reason for a player to contort his body in that manner accidentally. The contact from Sessions did not force Wade to do so. Therefore, unless abnormal reflexes played a part in the incident, it was on purpose. Still, it was such an obvious foul that Wade would have been taking a huge gamble on the refs no calling that type of contact.

In either instance, the league’s office has already made the decision to suspend the Miami standout for a single game due to the circumstances. Ask Sessions and it is rightfully deserved.

“I thought he did it on purpose, and it wasn’t called,” Sessions said after the game.

Some may believe either or but the penalty has been served cold. Wade will be on the bench during a pretty uneventful bout in Detroit after sending a message to a player on a team far beneath the Heat on the totem pole.

Charlotte still stinks. Miami is still the franchise to beat in the East – with the Knicks closing in fast.

The groin shot heard around the round has changed nothing.Watch Miami Heat Live Stream Free Online Game Streaming

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