Israel Gutierrez looks at the bumps and bruises that have been hampering the Heat lately.
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“There is absolutely no copyright infringement intended whatsoever. All the contents in the following video are owned by there respective owners. The audio and visual clips put into this video were put together for entertainment purposes only.” All these dunks were put in this order by my opinion, so this is NO official list. #50 Rajon Rondo posterizes Chris Bosh. #49 Bill Walker posterizes Andrew Bogut. #48 Trevor Ariza posterizes JaVale McGee. #47 Shawne Williams posterizes Dwight Howard. #46 Amare Stoudemire posterizes LeBron James. #45 JaVale McGee alley oop against the New York Knicks. #44 Andre Iguodala reverse dunk against the New Jersey Nets. #43 Josh Smith posterizes Serge Ibaka. #42 Kevin Durant alley oop against the Washington Wizards. #41 Dwight Howard alley oop poster on Jrue Holiday. #40 Christian Eyenga posterizes Pau Gasol. #39 Shannon Brown posterizes Kris Humphries. #38 Rudy Gay posterizes Elton Brand. #37 Josh Smith posterizes Eduardo Najera. #36 Tayshaun Prince posterizes JaVale McGee. #35 Amare Stoudemire posterizes Greg Monroe. #34 LeBron James alley oop against the New York Knicks. #33 DeMar DeRozan posterizes Derrick Favors & Al Jefferson. #32 Derrick Rose alley oop against the New York Knicks. #31 LeBron James posterizes Jared Dudley & Channing Frye. #30 Andrew Bogut posterizes Juwan Howard. #29 Hakim Warrick posterizes Paul Millsap. #28 Dwight Howard posterizes Omer Asik. #27 Ronnie Brewer posterizes Josh McRoberts. #26 JR Smith putback dunk

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