Pacers Steal Home Courts Against Miami Heat – Amazing Highlights Head home with the series tied

Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers 2012 Game 3 Highlights

Chris Bosh’s strained abdominal muscle is likely going to hinder him for “weeks” according to Miami Heat beat writer Ira Winderman.  It is clear that the Heat are capable of winning without Bosh, but the question remains: do they know how to?

Last night’s game 2 final minute letdown in Miami is symptomatic of Coach Spoelstra’s lack of preparation to win without Bosh.  Even though it is unlikely that Bosh would take the last shot when you have LeBron James and D-Wade on your team, Bosh is a capable offensive rebounder in the clutch and is, at the very least, a distraction.  As it stood, after LeBron James missed two crucial free throws and then after Indiana’s George Hill’s turned the ball over on Miami’s side of the court, the Heat’s inbounds play which led to the Mario Chalmers three pointer failed miserably.

Chalmers shot a cold 2-10 and was 0-4 from downtown.  Why didn’t James or Wade take the shot?  Probably because they had four of Indiana’s five players devoted to tight double teams against them and because Chalmers has had a penchant for hitting big shots during his collegiate and professional career.  That being said, there’s no excuse for why the Heat let Indiana run them out of their own gym in the third quarter, scoring 28 to Miami’s 14 points.

The real challenges for Miami Heat is not exactly defense, as the Heat have held Indiana to a disgusting 38% shooting in game 2 and 40% in game 1.  The problem is that Miami is only shooting about the same percentage as Indiana, going for 40% in game 1 and an abysmal 34.6% in game 2.

Without Bosh, there’s no reason for Indiana to guard anyone other than Miami’s Big Two until someone like Chalmers or Mike Miller step up to beat them.  So far, neither of them have.  Oddly enough, for game 3 in Indiana, Vegas still sees the Heat as slight favorites.  Is this a sucker bet, as players like Roy Hibbert and Paul George, near non-factors aside from high rebounding numbers in games 1 and 2, play quite a bit better at home than away?

Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers Game 3 Video Highlights 17 May 2012

If Miami cannot figure out how to box out properly and grab more rebounds, the series could return to Miami 3-1 with Indiana in control or, at the very least, tied 2-2 with Indiana no longer scared of playing in Miami.

Either way, Miami must solve their perpetual center problem fast, as the LeBron James power forward experiment has not seen any increase in his True Rebounding Rate and has, in fact, led to a decrease in his Assist Percentage, which has been low compared to his days in Cleveland

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