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By anyone’s standards the Miami Heat took a whooping that they should never be dealt from the New York Knicks. The talent and cohesiveness that the team exhibited against the Boston Celtics should have been enough to deal a loss to the New York Knicks and come away squeaky clean.

The feeling in the arena and the adrenaline pumping through Carmelo Anthony’s veins were too strong to let that happen. Anthony walked away from the game with 30 points, 10 rebounds and just as much efficiency as the standing World Champions as he did two days later against the Philadelphia 76ers.

It said more about the Knicks than it did the Heat so no fans need to go out burning jerseys.

Things are not always blossoms and blooming roses with the Heat and the most dedicated fans know that soon after the storm comes the sunlight with these guys. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems and with only three games under their belt, the Heat have barely scratched the surface of their potential with two new additions to their perimeter and the deadweight on their bench released.

There are some key takeaways from the first three games of the season, however.

The Heat are not going to get through the season playing Rock’em Sock’em with their opponents. This means it is not in Miami’s best interest to get into shootouts with every team stepping in their way. It isn’t going to work with teams like the New York Knicks who have numerous perimeter threats with ‘Melo standing at the helm.

A shootout could be and already has been deadly for their chances at a victory. There is no way in hell that Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis could make up for sharpshooters like Anthony, Steve Novak, JR Smith. Miami has allowed at least 100 PTS in each of their first trio of games in the official season. It’s not a convincing defense but for a team that emphasized its offense in the offseason, it isn’t that surprising.

What would be surprising is if the Heat didn’t bounce back and quickly.

Coach Erik Spoelstra has often been criticized for allowing his players to run his team instead of doing so with a firm hand and more efficiently than just putting the ball in LeBron James’ hands and watching him hit for 40 PTS a night in the NBA Playoffs. His tactics have a time and a place and behind closed doors he does what is necessary to re-fuel Miami’s engine and re-dedicate the team’s game plan to what’s most important.

Regardless of their mildly threatening perimeter additions, the Heat have always been a team that lives off of its defense and that cannot change, especially with the widening target on their backs.

Don’t expect a 40-game from Chris Bosh every night. That’s why he is an X-factor. The Miami Heat are a strong contender because they can rely on him to do what he needs to do each game to contribute adequately to the success of the franchise.

No matter how much attention, or lack thereof, he gets playing next to arguably the best player in the world and the most respected player of the South Beach trio, Bosh handles himself with a professionalism that is unrivaled. These 40-point games should not be surprising, but they should never be expected.

It takes away from the exclusivity of his position on the team. The nature of his versatility is what made him so missed in last year’s playoffs. It is what made his return to vital to Miami’s success. He is rarely asked to carry that type of load which gives off sort of an elusive nature to his performance whether it is rebound or offense-heavy.

Chris Bosh will always be an integral fraction of Miami’s game plan, but how he is used will consistently vary.

Clap for him, but don’t count on a repeat.Watch Miami Heat Live Stream Free Online Game Streaming

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