Expected Miami Heat to finally cross that threshold of breaking the Chicago Bulls’ old school record of games won in a single season? Hate to disappoint any hardcore Miami fans out there, but it was never going to happen. A team put together such as this one that does not righteously address every necessity of a basketball franchise is not going to be infallible or even crack the surface of becoming such.

The Miami Heat is an organization that functions around three men solely with the occasional outbreak of their surrounding talent to lean on. This season is not going to be won on the record books, at least not collectively.

The 2012-13 NBA season for the Miami Heat will be an uphill battle throughout the regular season with the postseason being treated as it has been for teams like Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs – the resurrection.

A lot of the Heat’s contests this season have been won by way of overpowering offense. However, when coming face to face throughout a series with an opponent like the Oklahoma City Thunder – possibly a 2012 NBA Finals rematch – or the New York Knicks in the Eastern Conference Playoffs, Miami cannot afford a shootout.

Both of those franchises have the capability of being offensive juggernauts with league scoring heads like Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant at their helm. LeBron James may be one of the most all-around offensively sound players in the league, but when it comes down to crunch time ‘Melo and Durant are fearless beyond the perimeter.

In a clock winding down situation, as most of their games in such a series would turn out to be, things may slide in either of their favor. It’s just not a chance that the Heat should be willing to take. Yet, during the regular season, the lack of stout defense has been apparent with Miami allowing almost 100 points per game.

That lack of defense is translating heavily into Miami’s ranking in rebounding around the league as well. A gasp-worthy 38.8 rebounds per game is not enough to keep anyone in the top spot of a conference, although the Heat have been known to triumph in unconquerable situations before.

It is only going to work for so long.

No great franchise has ever been able to cast their shadow of victory, consistently, in the NBA without solid rebounding and the Heat will not be the first to do it. Miami plays “small ball” so they are often out-rebounding due to a lack of size on their behalf. Things have got to get creative in South Beach in order for the Heat to remain strong contenders in the Eastern conference.

Their natural talent is only going to get them so far, but Coach Erik Spoelstra needs to become a little more unique in how he uses their raw athleticism and versatility if he wants to continuously succeed playing a smaller lineup with Chris Bosh as the starting center.

The Miami Heat are going to come to life as the postseason approaches, probably before. However, it is obvious that their true art does not come to fruition until everything is on the line.

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