Shane Battier may be on the bench for the Miami Heat for their next two games with a sprained right knee and LeBron James is getting ready to move to the power forward position in a defensive state of mind.

If heaven has a basketball court, you can bet every hair on your head that it has LeBron highlighting the power forward position defensively. After watching him last season make that transition in Chris Bosh’s absence, Heat fans are shrugging off the thought that the adjustment is something to worry about.

Still, no one can pretend that the loss of Battier will not be felt, even if it is only for a moment when the perimeter game is lacking or when the Heat could use that defensive edge that the smart-playing Battier brings to the stage.

When Battier joined Miami, he brought the veteran defense that he has consistently been recognized for and a perimeter game that catches fire at the most inopportune moments for the Heat’s opponents. Losing him for two games is going to put a decent amount of the defensive workload on LeBron James’ shoulders, as if there are not enough pounds on his bar as it is.

Miami’s next two games are against the San Antonio Spurs on November 29 and the Brooklyn Nets on December 1. Unluckily enough the Spurs and the Nets are two of the strongest NBA Playoff contenders in the league.

Even getting off to a rocky start, NBA fans got to see how the Nets, when they execute properly, can lock down a perimeter-driven offense like the New York Knicks.

How many people had forgotten that they are No.1 in the league in the season thus far in points allowed? The Heat could use every offensive option they have available and a man like Battier who can space the floor could be useful against the Nets’ defense.

Although, how much more comfortable are Miami fans with LeBron guarding Gerald Wallace or Kris Humphries with his speed and power? Let’s take a leap of faith and say very.

Battier’s combination of stroke and defensive versatility will make him a missed commodity, but the Miami Heat will hold steadfast until he returns.Watch Miami Heat Live Stream Free Online Game Streaming

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