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Miami Heat lose first game to the Chicago Bulls, 86-93

Well there are days like this, we just hope that they are REALLY far apart.  The Bulls take game one from Lebron James and the Miami Heat on May 6th, the Bulls 93 and the Heat only 86.  Everyone says that Lebron was basically shut down for 3 quarters, and finally heating up near the end, but by then it Read More Here→

Heat Rest Up, James takes 4th MVP

The Miami Heat have been enjoying a long break, which could be a blessing or a curse. Getting some rest and having time for Dwayne Wade's knee to heal is a good thing, but then there is the question of getting back into the rhythm of the game. Hopefully the Heat will stay sharp during their break. Their second round Read More Here→

Miami Heat News Flash. Heat win first game in the series against Milwaukee Bucks

What a fun game to watch as Lebron James and the Miami Heat defeated the Bucks on Sunday. King James almost had a triple double with 27 points,10 rebounds and 8 assists. More to come, thanks for visiting. Zachary Paul, for said this. TURNING POINT: The Bucks pulled to within 52-48, but the Heat responded with a 9-0 Read More Here→

Lebron, Miami Heat Are Treading Water, Until the 2013 NBA Playoffs

Expected Miami Heat to finally cross that threshold of breaking the Chicago Bulls’ old school record of games won in a single season? Hate to disappoint any hardcore Miami fans out there, but it was never going to happen. A team put together such as this one that does not righteously address every necessity of a basketball franchise is not Read More Here→

LeBron James Has the Flu While Miami Tastes Victory

Flu-like symptoms often give the impression that a player is experiencing some type of otherworldly metamorphosis that allows them to be sick on the bench and god-like on the hardwood. The flu-like symptoms that forced LeBron James to not participate in the morning shootaround, which rarely happens, made him look even more legendary against the Phoenix Suns even though he Read More Here→

Lebron vs. Cleveland

Lebron vs. Cleveland.
My" Comment "after King James drops 38 points in his first Read More Here→
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