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Jets, Dolphins Headed in Different Directions After 30-9 Rout

To say the New York Jets have bottomed out is probably an understatement. The football team that recruited the face of spiritual foundation in the National Football League (Tim Tebow) has seemingly been forsaken by the Football Gods. Things were not exactly all balloons and butterflies for the Dolphins, but they fared much better with their backup quarterback, Matt Moore, Read More Here→

Tannehill, Dolphins: AFC Underdogs Who Deserve More Respect

Is Ryan Tannehill as relevant as Michael Vick? Are the Miami Dolphins on the cusp of breaking through in media perception like the overrated Philadelphia Eagles? To be overrated a team has to be recognized and the Dolphins just are not that prevalent on anyone’s radar right now. Even though the Dolphins are not that notable of a franchise, they stick Read More Here→

Reggie Bush, Tannehill Gives Dolphins’ Fans a Reason to Believe in Philbin

Are the Miami Dolphins going to the Super Bowl? Probably not. Do they suck as much as fans predicted they would? Not at all. As a matter of fact, they don’t suck so much that they beat Carson Palmer’s Oakland Raiders by 22 PTS on Sunday. The Ryan Tannehill who threw three interceptions in his debut as a starting quarterback in the professional league Read More Here→

Ryan Tannehill’s Debut Disappointing for Miami Dolphins’ Fans

Ryan Tannehill is the future of the Miami Dolphins’ franchise and if he expects that to continue to be endorsed by the organization he needs to wake up and recognize that his is not the preseason anymore. Of course the Fins were predicted to struggle this season after dropping two very key components to their offense (Chad Johnson and David Garrard) Read More Here→
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